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Hey, the sea is rising!

Drawing by Myster Ty - Hey, the sea is rising!

Swimming in the seabed, Prof. Feuillage, in an old-fashioned black and red striped bathing suit, with a pink duck buoy, lets go of his pipe and turns his head to watch a mermaid winking at him while removing her bra.
published : Jul 19, 2019, 12:00:00 AM last update : Aug 31, 2023, 5:21:19 PM

Hey… The Sea is Rising! And that's not good news!

Last week, Mathieu Duméry (Allias Professor Feuillage) once again put on a show in La Rochelle with his conference “Hey… The Sea Rises!”

…And I missed it AGAIN!!! :'(

But in addition to his great videos, I had the chance to attend another of these conferences and I can only encourage you to follow his news and not miss his conferences if he comes to your house!

All that to say :
- Live better
- Consume less
- Subscribe to his page/channel/other (and mine ;) )
- Here is a little KDO drawing!

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PS - a #Lobster has slipped into the drawing, will you be able to find it?

#OnEstPret #IlEstEncoreTemps #GreenWeb #Sobriete #Humour #Lol #Draw #Dessin @pr.feuillage_by_lenie @feuillage_by_lenie (I hope I put the right tags for Instagram)

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