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Mermay 2019 - #20 Witch

Indian ink drawing by Myster Ty: in the seabed, from his office, a doctor dressed "in the old fashioned way" belches while watching a future mother prefer to consult a listening midwife rather than him.
published : May 30, 2019, 12:00:00 AM last update : Aug 28, 2023, 3:53:13 PM

Do you know that the witch is a figure of feminism?
As this Tuesday was #InternationalFeminineHygieneDay, this is a subject that perhaps deserves to no longer be #Taboo in our society where #Gynecological and Obstetrical Violence continues to be a scourge in a deafening silence.

So for today, and as it goes very well with yesterday's drawing, let me highlight the new witches.

/!\ Warning /!\ Alternative or "soft" medicine is not necessarily more benevolent. Conventional medicine often pushes patients into the arms of new crooks or equally abusive charlatans. Thus stories of rape and aggression also abound in unconventional medicine.

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