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Me, pointed by LBDs, back to a wall riddled with bullet holes: "Attention, I have a marker and I'm not afraid to use it!"
published : Apr 7, 2019, 12:00:00 AM last update : May 4, 2023, 11:33:27 PM


Facebook has just deleted the #ViveLaPresseSatiriqueLibre group!

|| EDIT: a new group has been created: Long live the free satirical press 2!! - ||

This is the largest French press cartoon sharing group. According to the information I have, Facebook is proposing a reopening with the change of name, image and the removal of certain drawings.

Feel free to run the info !

We cannot tolerate censorship. I myself have had many calls for censorship on my drawings as well as threats in private messages. Freedom of expression remains a necessity.

“A people willing to sacrifice a little freedom for a little security deserves neither, and ends up losing both. -Benjamin Franklin

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